Proven Business Advice & Tax Planning Services

For strategic business advice and tax planning, turn to Joseph M. Salvator, C.P.A., P.C. of Woodbury, New York. We help with acquisitions, due diligence, and taxes involved in selling a business.

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We offer a specialized service for acquisitions, covering the buying, selling, or liquidation of a business. We perform due diligence to determine if a price is fair and ensure that both parties' figures are accurate. Our company verifies facts and determines any outstanding liability. Liquidations involve many tax-related documents for filing and dissolution.

tax planning woodbury, ny

When you are selling a business, house, or land, or engaging in any large transaction, we help structure the transaction to minimize the tax liability. Our planning is critical, and we also help with retirement planning, starting with people in their 20s. We do our best work at least 10 years before retirement, looking at social security and other benefits. These services are perfect for family-owned and closely held businesses. We also prepare annual tax returns.